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Looking for something a bit unique or different? We can share the latest trends and industry news to help with your print and marketing decisions.

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Experience We specialize in providing brand consistency through simplified, cost competitive print programs along with the top-quality Fortune 1000 companies demand.

Corporate Graphics International prints over 350 million business cards each year and has over 40 years of experience serving the world’s most recognizable brands.

Many of these globally recognized brands have been a partner for over 10 years and some for as long as 25 years due to the service and quality they receive. We can do the same for you.

Over ¼ of our employees have been with us over 25 years providing expertise and knowledge when printing your brand. Combined with fresh ideas from those newly hired, the combination is the best in the business.

“I have worked with CGI for over 16 years and have nothing but high praise for their team."
- One of the nation’s top 5 commercial banks
“Their (CGI) people are able to answer questions & provide expertise, I have brought CGI into our meetings to act as expert in their field."
- One of the nation’s largest independent packaging producers
“Nice to have a partner like CGI, especially in the midst of a corporate branding initiative."
- Leading financial institution
Success Story

CHALLENGE: A finance and insurance company was in the process of rebranding their well-known global image and were looking for a way to simplify the process and ensure consistency across facilities.

Customer Goals:
1. Engage one vendor to provide all corporate stationery products, including name badges, stamps, holiday cards, calendars, and
    pocket planners.
2. Allow online ordering for all products on one easy-to-use ordering site.
3. Lock down brand guidelines and enforce compliance.


Reduction of multiple vendors to a single source vendor, Corporate Graphics International, across U.S. Canada, Europe, and Asia allowing for consistent inks and stocks to be utilized.
Created a proof system for the company’s seven different brands and implemented color guidelines across all printed material.
Tailored the CONVERGE™ online ordering solution to meet the new brand guidelines for easy ordering that requires compliance with set brand parameters.
Our Story While the core identity of the Corporate Graphics International brand has remained constant over the years, it is regularly “refreshed’ to reflect our continual evolution and relentless pursuit of excellence.

The base of our brand personality is built on the traits of the individuals who serve our customers and what they to bring to Corporate Graphics International each day.

These traits support the qualities our clientele are searching for in a print partner:
Unsurpassed Service
Highest Quality of Product
Ease of Doing Business
Preferred Partner
Competitive Pricing

Understanding that Corporate Graphics International's strengths are created by individuals, we asked each employee “What do you strive for?”  From their answers, the updated brand was created.

Brand colors, chosen with employee input, were assigned a characteristic based on the answers submitted the most.

Blue: Dependability Gray: Stability Red: Engagement
Orange: Innovation Yellow: Enthusiasm Teal: Experience
Purple: Quality Green: Trust Brown: Reliability

You will find these colors reflected throughout this website and throughout all our branded material.
The next phase of the brand refresh was to create a visual identity for our corporate printed materials that incorporated up and coming trends in the various industries we serve.

That process can be seen in the “trends” section of this website.

TIPS FOR REBRANDING / BRAND RESTRUCTURING Keeping your brand relevant while portraying your corporate personality is not as easy as it sounds. Rebranding brings additional challenges.

Each situation is unique but here are a few items to make the process a little easier.
  1. Define what your brand personality is and the characteristics you would like to portray to your customers.
  2. Choose colors that reflect your strengths and messaging. Create a corporate identity that will work across all mediums.
  3. Many of the largest paper providers now offer stocks that are consistent across business cards, letterhead, folders, etc. Choose the one that will most effectively represent who you are.
  4. Create a “cheat sheet” that can be used by multiple facilities and teams

These are just a few of the tips we can offer when helping you with a rebrand or restructure. We can offer assistance with stock choices, printing processes and other key features that reflect your brand personality.
ALWAYS FRESH. ALWAYS RELEVANT. With our pulse on print we are able to see trends as they happen and help you keep your brand fresh while honoring the tradition behind it. We have done the same for our own brand.

To portray our brand we shifted our visual identity in a fresh and contemporary way. Listed are the processes and materials we used on our business card to reflect our values, strengths and purpose while incorporating the latest business trends.


ARE YOU READY TO LAUNCH YOUR BRAND? There are many factors to consider when launching a new brand, brand refresh or brand restructure. Your personalized corporate print is a key factor to consider.

We offer assistance with stock choices, printing processes and other key features that reflect your brand personality.


  1. Create a timeline starting with the longest lead items like trademarks, signage and printed materials as the basis. Then fill in the quick time items like websites and digital advertising.
  2. Refine what your brand personality is and the characteristics you would like to portray to your customers.
  3. Set a specific budget for each item needed.
  4. Create three concepts based on colors, paper stocks, fonts and brand messaging. Study the most successful brands on the market.
  5. Divide the brand into pieces. All of the elements should be carefully created to deliver the same message.
    1. Brand Symbol
    2. Brand Logo
    3. Brand Tagline
  6. Route internally to multiple individuals and customer test groups for feedback and suggestions.
  7. Test any new logos in various design concepts to make sure it is versatile enough for all of your marketing needs. Can it be read small? Can it be used with other logos?
  8. Once a final concept is agreed upon, start quoting out the various products.
  9. Choose either a soft or hard launch date and develop a launch plan.
  10. Once a year, review your brand to see if it is becoming dated or losing relevance. Continue to pay attention to the industries you serve, along with competition, and customer audience that may require modifications to your brand.

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