Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get a Stationery Program implemented?

Average implementation takes two to four weeks. 

What types of information should I be gathering before we start the implementation of our program?
    • Signed contract before starting implementation plan
    • International considerations (which products ship internationally, billing)
    • Identify all products to be produced for all divisions
    • Access to artwork and brand guidelines (specific PMS® colors, stocks)
    • Clarify processes for raw stock purchases and replenishment levels
    • Billing requirements (invoice requirements, cost center details, p-card etc.)
    • Shipping requirements
    • Identify what reports will be needed (inventory, sales, ship on time) and frequency of reports

What steps are there in the Implementation Process?

  1. A transition and setup team will be assigned and led by a project manager. 
  2. The team will meet with your personnel to obtain the necessary information for effective implementation of your brand. 
  3. Based on the information gathered, an implementation plan is finalized.  The implementation plan includes detailed action items with timelines, individual responsibilities, and communication protocol. 
  4. We recommend a weekly conference call to review outstanding action items to ensure that the project remains on schedule.

How will artwork be submitted?

All artwork should be sent as an Adobe® InDesign® file, CS2018.  Packaged art files are preferred. Check out the artwork guidelines for additional details.

Are there additional fees involved to add new items to the online ordering site?

We take pride in including all costs related to your program in our price submitted.  There are no annual maintenance or hosting fees, software purchase fees, transmission fees, click fees, or per character fees.  Additionally there are no fees for integration with B2B partners such as Ariba, Oracle, etc. 

Are there additional fees to connect to a B2B partner such as SAP, Ariba, SRM etc?

There are no fees for integration with B2B partners.  Additionally, there are no annual maintenance or hosting fees, software purchase fees, transmission fees, click fees, or per character fees. 

Our company has multiple locations in the US and internationally, can a stationery program be set up to maintain brand consistency across the globe?

Corporate Graphics International has the ability to meet your needs on a global basis, with facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom and China we can ensure brand adherence across the globe.  Utilizing our Corporate Graphics International's CONVERGE™ ordering platform which can lock in specifications and legal compliance to guarantee that your company is being represented according to your guidelines on a global scale.

Can you explain your billing options (p-card, PO, Home Office vs Agents, etc.)?

CGI has the ability to complete system-wide distributions and accommodate any billing or cost allocation requirements you may have. Our centralized billing platform ensures invoice consistency and offers the flexibility to provide custom billing as necessary. CGI can customize your bill to include any of the following information: invoice number, purchase order number, cost code center, date keyed, date shipped, quantity, description of items, company number, subtotal by cost code center, net total, tax, shipping and grand total.  

We are capable of providing billing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in a variety of methods including:
  • Excel file
  • Digital file
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Email
  • FTP
  • By credit card

Do you provide design services?

Typically our customers have design firms that create their logos and brand guidelines.  We are not a design firm, however, we can assist and make suggestions based on your specific needs and wants. If you are interested in making updates to your current products CGI would be happy to provide insight and create new product design options.

Is training provided on how to use the online ordering software?

After implementation is complete, CGI will provide on-site training, live webinars and online tutorials to assist end users with the ordering process.  


Is your company FSC® certified?

Yes. Corporate Graphics International is FSC® Certified.  We recognized the importance of protecting the environment early on and led the way by being one of the first corporate identity suppliers to become FSC® certified.  A third party auditor reviews our systems to ensure that we are conducting environmentally responsible processes.   Overall we actively explore and employ methods of reducing, recycling, revising and removing raw materials consumed in our manufacturing process
Are you HIPPA Certified?

CGI takes securing customer data seriously. CGI’s information security management program is based on the ISO 27001 security framework, ITIL version 3 best practices, and incorporates external regulatory compliance programs such as:

• PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
          - Purpose: Protect credit card information
• Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
          -Purpose: Protect consumer data and privacy
• Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act (HIPPA)
          -Purpose: Protect Personal Health Information
• Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
          -Purpose: Ensure students personal information is properly safeguarded and is used only for legitimate purposes
           and only when absolutely necessary

In addition, CGI’s hosting environment goes through an annual SOC 2 Type 2 (Service Organization Control) assessment by a third party. This audit assesses the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of security and availability controls in place.

What types of sales reporting do you have available? 

Standard reports include:
  • Inventory Management Report
  • Usage Report (e.g. by cost center, user, division)
  • On-time Report
  • Accuracy Report

Within our online ordering system, Converge™, we have a very powerful reporting tool that allows us to create reports for you that can be viewed, searched, printed, and downloaded in PDF or Excel formats.  We can also provide ad hoc reports based on your specific needs.  Examples of these reports include: yearly sales comparisons, ordering trends per location, sales by users or divisions, list of users, ship to addresses by state and pricing verification.

Our company has a special watermark can we continue to use that?

Yes, we work with various paper mills and we can create a custom watermark or re-create an existing watermark.

Can employees order holiday related items such as greeting cards and calendars from the same ordering site?

Yes. CGI is your one-source printing partner for high quality, consistent materials without the hassle of multiple vendors. Our customers utilize the same online ordering site currently in place, reducing end user training, and no additional resources spent on setup.  Personalized holiday cards, wall and desk calendars, and all occasion cards can be added to your existing online ordering site. 
Tip:   Add a pop-up message or place a note on the ordering site’s homepage when holiday items have been added and available for purchase.

How do I place my order?

CGI sets up individual ordering sites for our Fortune 1000 customers to meet their brand guidelines.  This is where all product ordering takes place. To receive the link to your ordering site, please email

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